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Admitted students and alternates are invited to an Information Session. The sessions provide invaluable information to assist students in making their decisions about Cornell.

Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions are typically made after the first of the year. Students are notified by email that their decision letter is available to them electronically. They are given a Pin Number that they can enter on their admissions tracking page. The decision letter will then be available.

Admitted Students

Students who are admitted to the DVM degree program as well as students made an alternate offer (or waitlisted) will be given a ‘Conditions' form that indicates any lacking prerequisite courses, tuition and fee schedules for the current year, information on how to apply for financial aid, and other lacking documents and deadlines.  Students who have an offer of admission will also be given a deadline for notifying us of their decision accompanied by a non-refundable enrollment deposit.  This deposit will be placed on the student's first bursar bill and go against tuition expenses.

The admitted students and alternates will be invited to an Information Session.  Students will choose a weekend session from a list of three options during February to March.  These Sessions are invaluable in the information provided by faculty and students as well as the opportunity to see the College in detail.

Admitted students will need to notify the admissions office of their decision to attend Cornell by April 15th.  There will be an enrollment deposit card available to mail in with a non-refundable deposit of $500.  The deposit will be placed on the student's first bursar bill against tuition charges.

Alternate Offers (waitlist)

We try to notify alternates of their status soon after the April 15th deadline.  We understand the need to know as quickly as possible, so also encourage students who would like to have some financial aid information available to complete all the forms below by February 1st.  Typically, alternates are notified one week after the April 15th deadline. 

Denied Applicants

Applying for admission is competitive and students may have to apply a couple of times before gaining an offer of admission.  We encourage students who are denied to contact the Director of Admissions to set up an in-person or phone post-applicant counseling appointment.  During this conversation the student will be given feedback on how to strengthen a future application.

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