DVM Admissions



Application and Tracking Page

The application process typically begins in May, a year prior to enrolling.  There is only one application required for admission:

The VMCAS collects biographical data, academic information, animal experiences, veterinary experiences, evaluator information, an essay, etc.  There are three evaluations required to be sent electronically through this application called electronic letters of evaluation (eLor). Official transcripts should also be sent to VMCAS directly from all colleges attended by September 15th.

The deadline for the VMCAS to be electronically submitted  (including all required documents and electronic letters of reference) is September 15, 2016, by midnight ET.  No late documents will be accepted.



Tracking Page

When you begin your VMCAS Application, instructions on how to create a Cornell Tracking Page will be available.  Once you receive these instructions it is important to start this Tracking Page as soon as possible.   Along with verification of Prerequisite courses we will also use the Tracking Page as a way to communicate with you throughout the application process.  Admissions Decisions will also be made available through the Tracking Page, so importnat to have this established for the entire admissions process.