DVM Admissions



Information for Re-Applicants

Entrance into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program is very competitive.  In some cases it could take a couple of application cycles to gain admission into the program.  We encourage students to reapply and offer advice in ways to strengthen an application for a future cycle.

Previous applicants who would like to reapply must complete and submit both a new VMCAS and Cornell Supplemental Application.  However, documents such as evaluations can be reused from the preceding year's file if nothing new has affected the document ( additional hours during the experience).  Re-applicants should indicate on Cornell's Supplemental Application which documents they want placed in their new application. VMCAS does not retain documents; previous applicants must still submit 3 new evaluations with their VMCAS application. Letters on file at Cornell cannot be used by VMCAS to complete this requirement.

There are a couple of places on the application where students can list documents they would like to re-use.  We will track them in on their tracking page so they will know we have pulled them forward.