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Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program

Internship Sites
To be competitive for the "matching internships" it is very helpful for you to visit the sites of interest.  This helps you to get to know them and visit about their internship program and for them to have a relationship with you.  The internships are updated on the following website each September.  You can view the current internships offered by doing a "program search" through the website.  This area of the website if often closed from August-mid-September while updates are being done for the upcoming year.

Avenues Equine Internship Program. Enter the student area to view the Avenues Program internships. The Association of Equine Practitioners runs an externship and internship program called Avenues.   You are strongly encouraged to do multiple externships to determine where you would like to apply for the competitive internships.

American Association of Veterinary Clinicians 
This is the website for coordination of the matching internship and residency program. The new institutional information will be available for viewing September of 2008. The application deadline is early December.

Non-Matching Internships
Non-matching internships begin with advertising their internships as early as January.  To do a search for these, see Student Services heading, Career Services and then Intern/Externship Database and then under keywords type-internship.