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Office of Student & Academic Services

College of Veterinary Medicine
Office of Student and Academic Services
S2-009 Schurman Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

phone: 607-253-3700
fax: 607-253-3709



Welcome to the DVM Students Policies Web Page

These policies have been developed by the faculty and administration of the college to inform,support and protect the living and learning activities of the veterinary students. 
All students are expected to be familiar with and abide by these policies.

Please note that all policies and procedures are subject to change.


Academic Standards Policy

Honor Code

Grading Policy

Add-Drop Policy

Attendance Policy

Copying and Recording Policy

Personal-Medical Leave Policy

Accommodations Policy

Health Insurance Policy

Pregnancy Guidelines

Statement of Essential Skills and Abilities

Pet Policy

CUHA Discount Policy for Students

Animal Rights Awareness Guidelines

Corporate Sponsorship Policy