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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Jennifer Bernard

University of Tennessee,
Class of 2010

Background: I was born in Florida and raised in Germantown, TN. I went to Christian Brothers University in Memphis where I majored in Biology and played softball. I have been lucky enough to work on research projects in Brazil and South Africa during two different summers. In Brazil, I worked on the Jaguar Conservation Project and tracked wild jaguars in the wetlands of the Pantanal located in southwestern Brazil. Last summer, I worked on a project with coronavirus in cheetahs at the veterinary faculty at Onderstepoort in South Africa. I also spent much of my time as an undergraduate volunteering and working in the research department at the Memphis Zoo. I started veterinary school in the fall after finishing undergrad, and I have enjoyed going to school and living in Knoxville, TN for the past two years.

Interests: I enjoy outdoor activities (sports, hiking, and swimming), reading, dancing, and traveling.

Career Goal: I hope to do an internship to advance my clinical experience after I graduate from the University of Tennessee, and my plans after that are still undecided. To me, the ideal occupation would include working at a zoo (in pathology or medicine), assisting in the conservation of exotic species, and traveling regularly.