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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Jennifer Irving

Royal Veterinary College
Class of 2009

Background: Being originally from rural Derbyshire, I'm a country girl but I loved living in London too. I intercalated in my third year at King's College London where I read modules in Environmental and Biomedical Sciences. I am now entering the final year of the Veterinary Medicine degree.

Interests: I enjoy rock climbing and snowboarding and I love to travel, having recently been to India. I was President of the RVC Zoological Society and really enjoyed organizing and going to the lectures, which were on topics as diverse as working in a Thai elephant sanctuary and the dwindling North Sea fish stocks.

Career Goal: My heart lies in farm animal medicine, especially insect-borne diseases, zoonoses and animal production in developing countries. I hope to work in these areas at home and abroad in governmental and charitable organizations.