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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Sally Ann Iverson

Cornell University
Class of 2011

Background: I grew up in the suburban town of Bridgewater, NJ, with hopes and dreams from a young age of becoming a veterinarian. I completed my bachelor's degree at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL where I majored in biology and German, while taking every opportunity to gain a background in biological sciences as well as to participate in many international classes and programs. During this time I was able to work with a small animal veterinarian as well as participate in an internship in the anatomic pathology department of a pharmaceutical company. Ultimately, it was a desire to combine a passion for both science and animal health that led me to veterinary school. During my first year as a veterinary student at Cornell University I was able to gain some virology experience while completing a small research project under Dr. John Parker at the Baker Institute for Animal Health.

Interests: I have always been eager to see as much of the world as possible, and enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures and environments. I enjoy being outdoors, and took up SCUBA diving quite actively while in Australia and Miami. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, spinning classes, and spending down time with my elderly cat.

During the school year, I volunteer at Cornell's Wildlife Health Clinic.

Career Goal: I am very much aware of all the exciting opportunities our profession can offer, and am taking as much time as possible to explore my interests, which at the moment are varied and include infectious disease and pathology, wildlife conservation medicine, and even swine! I am considering applying for Cornell's Dual Degree Program, and am hoping that my time spent with the Leadership Program will help me to direct my interests and better define my goals.