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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Joshua Leach

University of Cambridge
Class of 2010

Background: I grew up in the cathedral city of Salisbury. Growing up in rural Wiltshire I developed a keen interest in animals, which having studied on the veterinary course and undertaking a degree in pathology (immunology and epidemiology), has developed into a broad interest in the field of veterinary public health. This interest was reflected in my choice to undertake a research project during my degree, initially reviewing the epidemiology of West Nile Virus and secondly establishing and culturing in vitro models of the equine blood-brain barrier.

Interests: My interests include, lacrosse, hockey, rugby, playing the double bass, living life to the fullest and hopefully making people smile along the way.

Career Goal: Initially, I would like to qualify with a veterinary degree. If this proves attainable, my ultimate aim would be to further my interests in the fields of veterinary public health through research or perhaps working for a government agency or academic institution.