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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Ming Lui

Cornell University
Class of 2011

Background: I was born and raised in Hong Kong until I came to the US when I was 10. I have lived in New York City since, having attended New York University for my Bachelor's Degree, where I double majored in biology and history, and took two years of Japanese. I briefly entertained the idea of getting a PhD in history or teaching English in Japan or joining the Peace Corps before finally mailing out that hefty hunk I wrote as my veterinary school application. However, I still miss the humanities and even living in the library to write my history term papers, so I still try to catch up on my long book-list; of course, it isn't as if I ever have the time. Other miscellaneous information include: I have three cats back at home, one Persian who fights to the death with the other two cats but otherwise is most docile to humans, and I have my beloved Pomeranian with me in Ithaca. I also would like to learn to swim and ride on a horse before I leave here but who knows if that's going to happen...

Interests: I love to travel and read, and generally be knowledgeable about things. I was pretty busy in two very different disciplines in college but I still wish I had taken some philosophy, economics, and law. Especially the latter two seems to be quite important in being a future veterinarian. I have realized that I like sequential processes whether this be a chemical reaction, pathogenesis, historical outcomes, or what leads to an economic bubble burst. This probably explains my interests in history, economics, biochemistry, and medicine. In particular, I like molecular mechanisms in the cellular or physiological level and immunology/virology/bacteriology/parasitology partially also because I can relate them to wars.

Career Goal: I haven't quite decided what I want to do after graduation. Obviously I like research because I'm in this program and have been involved in research since freshman year of college, but lab animal medicine, small animal specialty, and international public health are all very attractive to me as well.