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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Joanna Mleczko

Freie Universitšt Berlin
Class of 2011

Background: I was born in 1985 in Tarnůw, a small town in a rural landscape in the South of Poland. In 1988 my family immigrated to Germany and took up residence in Lower Saxony, still maintaining their Polish roots. In Germany I had close contact to agriculture and animal husbandry, which strengthend my wish to become a Veterinarian, which I had had since I was four years old. After graduating from an academic high school I started my veterinary medicine studies at Freie Universitšt Berlin. There I finally gained access to the enormous range of new fascinating possibilities and disciplines veterinary medicine studies provide. The Freie Universitšt offers undergraduate students extraordinary opportunities and resources to get involved in research. I seized this chance at my best, absolving several internships at different departments of veterinary medicine.

Interests: I founded the first registered Cameroon hairsheep bloodstock in Poland, including import of breeding ewes and rams, recruitment and instructing of staff, breeding management, marketing of breeding stock, fat stock and meat products. And all of this is done from a transborder distance. The goal of the undertaking is establishing the cameroon sheep as an acknowledged breed in Poland.

Whenever I have the opportunity and time I also play the piano, play sports, and travel, as well as always trying to discover new curiosities.

Career Goal: My middle term goals are to do research and teaching at one of the leading cancer research institutes or universities and later to preside such an institute. An alternative might be research on infectious diseases or a career in Veterinary Public Health.