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Leadership Program




Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

James Swann

University of Cambridge
Class of 2010

Background: I was born in Derbyshire in the English midlands and have moved around the United Kingdom quite a lot to end up in my current home in the town of Colchester. I finished high school in Colchester and went from there to study veterinary medicine at the University of Cambridge (St. Catharine's College) where I am currently in my fourth year. During my intercalated third year I specialized in pathology (particularly parasitology, microbiology and immunology.) As part of this course I carried out a research project on the epidemiology of the helminth parasite Schistosoma mansoni and another on the effects of helminth infection on autoimmunity.

Interests: I enjoy literature and art of many different styles and periods and I am also a keen photographer myself. I have a keen interest in international affairs and politics and look forward to seeing America in a presidential election year.

Career Goal: I am equally interested in the opportunities afforded by clinical practice and research and I hope that it will be possible to gain some experience of both during my career. I have no specific plans at this stage but I would like to continue learning throughout my working life and to be able to work abroad for at least some of that time. Hopefully this program will suggest some options that might meet all of these criteria!