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The Leadership Program

Floryne Buishand

Floryne BuishandUtrecht University


I was born in 1987 in Schagerbrug, The Netherlands. In 2003, I enrolled into the Veterinary Medicine curriculum at Utrecht University. Based on my academic achievements during my pre-clinical veterinary training, I was selected for the Honours Program. As a part of the program, I spent fourteen months conducting research on canine insulinomas. Besides this veterinary honors program I also participated in the Honours Minor Program at the Faculty of Humanities. During this program, debates were held concerning issues within the history of science, science ethics and current developments in science. Currently, I am in my first year of clinical rotations and I hope to graduate at the end of 2010.


My greatest personal interests are playing piano and playing tennis. I have held numerous piano recitals and participated in several piano competitions. In addition to being an active tennis player, I have also been the treasurer in the executive board of a student tennis club for two years and I am still involved in several of its committees. My professional interests include surgery and oncology of companion animals.

Career Goal:

After receiving the DVM degree, I will most likely pursue a PhD-degree, continuing my research on canine insulinomas. After receiving the PhD I endeavor to enroll in a residency program, which qualifies me to become an ECVS or ACVS Diplomate. My long-term career goal is finding a job that combines research with teaching and clinical work. I also hope to become actively involved in one of the international veterinary associations.