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Jennifer Cassano

Jennifer CassanoCornell College of Veterinary Medicine


I'm from Valley Stream, NY, which is right next to Queens at the beginning of Long Island. I completed my undergraduate degree at Cornell as an animal science major. As an undergraduate, I became interested in adding the idea of becoming a teacher to my dream of being a veterinarian. To get a feel for research, I became involved in a research lab, where I worked on a project using technologies drawn from genetics, immunology, and virology to analyze equine sarcoid. I really loved research and saw getting my PhD, as well as my DVM as essential to my dream of combining my passions for veterinary medicine, teaching, and research. I applied and thankfully was accepted into the Cornell Dual Degree program, and gloves in hand, prepared to spend the next seven years in Ithaca. So far, I have completed one year in the veterinary medicine portion of my education, and have loved every minute of the adventure.


I enjoy horseback riding and playing fetch with my toothless cat, Tegan. I love singing and I am involved in an acapella group at the vet school, as well as a large community group with the university called Chorale. I really love Ithaca, from the gorges to the farmers market, where there is nothing better than breakfast burritos, except maybe the flatbread pizza.

Career Goal:

My ultimate career goal is to work at a veterinary school, where I can teach, work with animals, and be involved in research.