2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Zachary Chillag

Zachary ChillagUniversity of Georgia


I am a native South Carolinian having spent the better part of my life in the capitol city of Columbia. I attended Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC for my undergraduate training, after which I spent time performing conservation work in Vietnam and on the island of Grand Cayman. I later worked at a veterinary surgical specialists clinic which aided in my matriculation into the DVM program at the University of Georgia in 2009, where I am currently studying.



The natural world is the biggest source of inspiration in my life, so many of my interests stem from the outdoors. I enjoy SCUBA diving, skydiving, hiking, herping, ultimate frisbee, listening to thunderstorms, skipping river stones, and spending time engrossed in the flames of a campfire. I try to record these undertakings with artful photography whenever possible. I also curate several reptiles to both the horror and fascination of my roommates. When time allows, I also enjoy cooking.

Career Goal:

I am an individual with diverse interests and motivations, and hope that it will lead to a multi-faceted career. One of my core beliefs is rooted in service to others, so I am interested in serving my country in the US Army Veterinary Corps by being trained in their lab animal medicine residency program. I hope to contribute to research as a lab animal veterinarian by aiding investigators, and later by pursuing a PhD to perform investigations of my own. In the later stages of my career I hope to be involved in conservation work and in passing along my accumulation of knowledge by teaching.