2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Zachary Chillag

Gregory DickensCambridge (Selwyn College)


I hail from the island of Jersey, but have lived in Hampshire, near London, for most of my life. From a young age, I wanted to capitalize on a career in veterinary medicine to support global conservation efforts and am now, almost six years through my veterinary degree at the University of Cambridge. My resolve is unaltered. I spent my intercalated third year studying zoology, researching the origin of bird flight and the sticky feet of flies, spiders, beetles and geckos. I believe that a detailed knowledge of the workings of the animals we're trying to protect (either locally or generally) is important to a vet's work.



I'm a keen cyclist and train as often as I can. When not doing that, my free time revolves around taking photographs, performing stand-up comedy and breathing fire for fun and profit. I have coached college rowing teams, played rugby for years, and would like to spend more time rock climbing.

Career Goal:

I would like to work my way towards a veterinary position in which I can make decisions which influence conservation efforts. Given the chance, I hope to make a difference to the way zoos behave in the global battle for species diversity and the way the public relate to the rare species within them.