2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Nancy Erickson

Nancy EricksonFreie Universität Berlin


After graduating from high school in rural Northern Germany in 2003, I collected some work experience in my various fields of interest by doing internships in aircraft industry with Lufthansa Technik and Airbus Deutschland, in physics research on gravitational waves at the Max-Planck-Institute for gravitational physics, in hospital nursing, and in small animal practices. In addition to my work, I was studying physics, as I have found this science fascinating due to its abstract and analytical structure of thinking, always being highly precise and logical. I have since focused on Veterinary Medicine, as it is an interesting combination of various natural sciences with the interdisciplinary interaction I felt was missing while studying solely physics. Consequently, I enrolled in Veterinary Medicine at the Freie Universität Berlin in 2006 and finished my preclinicals in summer of 2008.


I am interested in aviation and aircraft technology and hope to earn my private pilot license once I graduate from University. I also love to travel, especially around the United States and Europe. Whenever possible, I try spending time with family and friends, which gets complicated at times because we are spread out around Germany and the U.S. I find drawing very relaxing and enjoy making an art out of histological images. Last, but not least, I am a total music addict.

Career Goal:

My short term aim is to particularize my career goals by means of further training and specialization. At the moment, my interests lie in pathology and osteosynthesis, but I still have about three years of Veterinary Medicine training ahead of me. I also want to use my spare time taking part in internships in different fields of Veterinary Medicine, such as marine mammal care or infectious diseases research. My long term goal is earning a doctoral degree in the U.S. and working at a university and combining clinical work and research.