2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Jakob Trimpert

Jakob Trimpert

Freie Universität Berlin


I was born in 1986 in Berlin, where I’ve lived ever since. I grew up in the city at a great remove from the realities of agricultural production; many children in Berlin believed that milk came from bottles. I didn’t believe that, but yet even today it’s not agriculture that attracts me to studying veterinary medicine.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about reptiles and amphibians; snakes and fire salamanders are my favorites. And that was what led me to study veterinary medicine.

At the high school I attended in Berlin up to 2006 my teachers also managed to awake in me a passion for the natural sciences. Once I started chemistry at school I spent a lot of my free time with test tubes and flasks. Since 2006 I’ve been studying veterinary medicine at Berlin’s Free University. I have also become actively involved in university politics. In the summer of 2008 I completed my foundation studies by passing the preliminary veterinary examinations. In my further studies I would like to devote myself more intensively to medical research.


As I mentioned, I’m interested in unusual animals. I breed salamanders and toads and am involved in species conservation. And my interest in the natural sciences is as strong as ever, my favorite still being chemistry. Even nowadays I sometimes occupy myself with test tubes, observing interesting reactions, just for the enjoyment of it. Apart from that, I read a lot and like going to the theater and the opera. I want to develop broad mental horizons, not restricting myself, as many medics unfortunately do, to pursuing exclusively subject-specific qualifications.

Career Goal:

I could imagine becoming a teacher at some point in the future. I’ve always enjoyed teaching very much. I also find a lot of enjoyment in scientific discovery and would like to work in medical research.