2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Participants 2009

Bradbury, Ailsa

University of Cambridge
Mentor:Claudia Fischbach
Project: Do cell-cell interactions in 3D affect pro-angiogenic tumor signaling?

Buishand, Floryne

University of Utrecht
Mentor: Richard Cerione/Mark Antonyak
Project: The interplay of EGF receptor and tissue transglutaminase in glioblastomas

Davenport, Stuart

University of Edinburgh
Mentor: John Parker
Project:The potential role of glycoprotein attached sialic acid as a receptor for feline calicivirus: does FCV have a sweet tooth?

Erickson, Nancy

Freie Universität Berlin
Mentor: Ruth Collins
Project: Structural approaches to understanding the ability of Legionella to  successfully manipulate the host cell

Gettings, Jena

North Carolina State University
Mentor:Holger Sondermann
Project: Kinetic and mechanistic studies of the virulence factor WspR from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Gey, Laura

TiHo Hanover ,
Mentor:William Horne
Project: Modular effects of beta subunit domains on Calcium channel gating

Haines, Leanne

University of Liverpool
Mentor: Craig Altier
Project: The effects of intestinal butyric acid on Salmonella virulence

Heinrich, Sonja

Freie Universität Berlin
Mentor: Theodore Clark
Project: Analysis of expression of 6 different constructs of Plasmodium falciparum protein Pfs48/45 in transformed Tetrahymena thermophila

Humphreys, Alan

University of Tennesee
Mentor: Lisa Fortier
Project: Small GTPase RhoA activity in articular chondrocytes after osteogenic protein-1 treatment

Ito, Shuhei

University of Tokyo
Mentor: Scott Coonrod
Project: The role of histone acetylation in regulating PAD4 target gene's transcription

Jeanes, Emily

University of Liverpool
Mentor: Robert Weiss
Project: Effects of altered nucleotide metabolism on mouse embryonic development

LaBuda, Sandra

Cornell University
Mentor: Robert Gilbert
Project: The Effect of Ghrelin on Development of Preimplantation Bovine Embryos

Licitra, Beth

Cornell University
Mentor: Susana Mendez
Project: Differences in cellular entry mechanisms between FECV-1683 and FIPV-1146 may account for changes in cell tropism and pathogenicity

Schmidt, Magdalena

TiHo Hanover
Mentor: Scott Coonrod
Project: PAD 2 expression in mouse mammary fat pad and uterus is estrus cycle dependent

Schmoyer, Greta

University of Tennessee
Mentor: Laurin Warnick
Project: Risk factors for human Salmonellosis compared across common serotypes

Sherrill, Meredith

Iowa State University
Mentor: Gregory Acland/Anna Kukekova
Project: Genetic mapping of white spotting associated with neurological defects in silver foxes

Slack, Elizabeth

The University of Edinburgh
Mentor: Chris Schaffer
Project: Effects of amyloid beta plaques on local vascular dynamics in Alzheimer's disase

Stewart, Katrina

University of Sydney
Mentor: Kenneth Simpson
Project: Environmental triggers for proliferation and virulence of Adherent-Invasive Escherichia coli (AIEC)

Trimpert, Jakob

Freie Universität Berlin
Mentor: Tracy Stokol
Project: The Effect of Recombinant Interleukin 8 on Tissue Factor (Coagulation Factor III) Activity in Canine Monocytes

Turner, Robert

Massey University
Mentor: Marjory Brooks/James Catalfamo
Project: Quantifying Microparticle Thrombin Generation in a Canine Scott Syndrome Model

Van Rijn, Sarah

Universiteit Utrecht
Mentor: Moonso Jin
Project: Developing oncolytic adeno-associated virus by targeting heat shock factor with RNAi and aptamers

Verhoef, Jolanda

Universiteit Utrecht
Mentor: Susana Mendez
Project: Thymosin beta-4 as a possible therapy for cutaneous Leishmania major infection

Winkler, Hans

Universität Zürich
Mentor: Colin Parrish
Project: Cellular host ranges and tropisms of canine and equine influenza viruses

Zhu, Bing Yun

University of Sydney
Mentor: Joel Baines
Project: The effect of dominant negative Rab proteins on Herpes Simplex Virus egress