2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Angel Abuelo


Born in 1987 in Galicia (a region in the NW of Spain), I grew up in Esteiro, a coastal village, until I moved to Santiago de Compostela where I completed my elementary and high school education. Right after I started my college education at the Veterinary Faculty of Lugo (University of Santiago de Compostela), where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine with first class honors, and where I am currently studying a Master in Research in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health.
As the majority of my mother's family owns dairy farms I have been used to work with animals since I was a little kid. It was normal for me spending some time in my summer holidays helping them in small tasks related with animal care; hence comes my interest in the Veterinary Sciences and particularly in the cattle medicine.
My interest in research began at the High School, where I joined the International Baccalaureate’s Program and I had to perform an “extended essay”. I like using my free time not only to spend it with friends, which is very needed after a hard year of college, but to learn new people involved in my research areas of interest; so in the summers of 2008 and 2009 I joined the Animal Health research group of the Agrobiotechnology Institute of Navarra (Research Council of Spain) as a research trainee, where I had the opportunity to work independently with some techniques (cell culture, bacteriology, virology, molecular biology…). During the academic year 2009/10 I worked in collaboration with the Animal Pathology Department’s staff taking biological samples and its further laboratory processing from dairy cows in the transition period, to study the metabolism profile at this critical production stage and its relationship with the ruminal activity and the oxidative status of these animals. And finally, the summer of 2010 I completed a three months externship at the Clinic for Ruminants with Ambulatory and Herd Health Services of the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich (Germany).


My principal interests are related to activities that involve knowing people from other cultures which can give us a more open-minded vision of the different ways a same thing can be done. Travelling, Basketball and Languages are the three activities I practice the most. I am very fond of traveling; I have visited some countries, mainly European ones, and I hope to visit more in a not too distant future. Basketball is my favorite sport and most weekends I practice as a table official at national games. I also like to learn foreign languages so I am attending to a German course, and trying to improve my English also.

Career Goal:

In my mind I would like to follow a research oriented career. At this moment I am considering the option of joining a PhD program and after it, it will be wonderful to be involved in research and teaching at a University Department. I also like the veterinary clinical assistance services, so I do not rule out doing a residency program after obtaining my PhD.

In my opinion, the suitable job for me will combine research, teaching and cattle clinical practice. There is where I see myself in some years from now.