2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Josep Duato-Botam


I grew up in a town near Valencia, Spain. I started to study Veterinary Medicine because I love biology, animals and nature since I was a child. Since I took a course on biochemistry in Veterinary I realized that it allowed me to better understand biology, pathologies, life, etc. To decide what I want do in my professional life is a very important decision. So I tried different experiences working in a Veterinary Clinic, in a Biomedical Research Center and in a Dept. of Biochemistry in Spain. Last summer I extended my laboratory experience in the Dept. of Biochemistry in the University of Cambridge, UK within the Fundamentals of Veterinary Science Summer School. My focus has been in molecular biology and structural biology. It means understanding the physiopathology at a molecular level, revealing the structure of a key molecule, and targeting it.



Above all else I love animals and science. I love to stay with my family and take care of my cats, dogs, turtles and my Agaporni in my parent’s house. Also I enjoy reading different news about biomedicine and discover new research fields of my interest. I also enjoy having a barbecue with my friends, travel during weekends and meet friends around Spain and Europe.

Career Goal:

I would like to contribute to Science in such a way that research results contribute to animal health in general, including humans.  In particular, I plan to develop basic research, working on molecular biology applied to relevant diseases, discovering pathological molecular pathways and finally identifying the best targets to use structural biology to develop drugs against them, working in multidisciplinary groups and establishing collaborations worldwide. I want to do a PhD and a postdoc to finally establish my own group.