2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Lauren Griggs


I was born in Laffayette, LA, but raised in different states/countries due to being a dependent in a military family. I have lived mostly in the southwest and lived in Arizona the longest. It is in Arizona that I decided to pursue veterinary medicine and biomedical research. I enrolled into a pre-veterinary program at the University of Arizona and began working in a foodborne pathogen laboratory during my junior year. My parasitology, microbiology, and biochemistry courses along with my research experience doing epidemiology and pathogenesis work greatly influenced my interest in pursuing veterinary research. My experience in the VIP program working with two laboratory veterinarians at Cornell, helped me decide that laboratory medicine would allow me to integrate my desire to perform veterinary medicine, but to also contribute to global animal health and the development of new or improved preventative medicine. I am currently a second year DVM student at the University of Cornell.


I am a homebody and family girl. When I am not able to spend time with the people I love, I enjoy reading, singing, playing piano, drawing, and video gaming. Outside of my home, I enjoy playing basketball, hiking, paintballing, laser tagging, going to movies/concerts/plays and visiting museums. Exploring new towns and cities with my fiancée has become my favorite thing to do.

Career Goal:

I have three passions: veterinary medicine, research and teaching. All involve a great deal of problem solving, and this is also why I am attracted to them. Laboratory animal medicine, pathology, and research allow me to integrate teaching with practicing medicine, ultimately allowing me to make a difference in both the lives of animals and humans. Upon completion of my veterinary degree, I plan to pursue residencies in both laboratory animal medicine and pathology. Pursuing a master’s degree in biomedical research is also on my mind because I believe understanding the perspective of principal investigators is important in becoming a highly resourceful laboratory animal veterinarian. Aside from being a collaborator as a laboratory animal veterinarian, I hope to conduct my own research in the field of infectious and foodborne disease to contribute to preventative medicine. I am interested in developing new and improved vaccines, treatments and early diagnostic tools. I would be happy working in an academic, industrial, or governmental position.