2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Mee-la Lee


I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington (about 30 miles south of Seattle). I received a B.S. in Zoology with a minor in Wildlife Ecology from Washington State University. Currently, I am a 2nd year student at the University of Wisconsin. I have decided to do a combined DVM/MPH so next school year I will take a minor detour away from the veterinary curriculum and work on a my Master of Public Health degree before returning to complete my DVM.

While I didn’t grow up around lots of animals, my desire to become a veterinarian dates back to preschool. I’ve spent a few summers interning at a wildlife rehabilitation facility and have mostly worked with passerines, raptors and small mammals. My experience in research is limited, but I spent last summer working with bacterial pneumonia of bighorn sheep. 



The things I value most are my faith in God, my family and my friends. It’s easy to put a smile on my face but trees, playing sports and playing board games are sure to make me happy.  I enjoy working with people, in particular with youth. In addition to spending multiple summers working as a camp counselor, I was also a tutor for Upward Bound, a program that helps first generation or low income high school students prepare for college. During my undergraduate career, I worked as a Resident Advisor and an Assistant Hall Director.

Career Goal:

 I’m hoping to combine my passion for free ranging wildlife and for people through a career in public health. I’m not quite sure what that is going to look like yet but to be honest, I am one of those people who enjoys learning in general. In the future, if I am doing something completely different I wouldn’t be too surprised, and I also wouldn’t be disappointed.