2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Participants 2011


Ángel Abuelo University of Santiago Mentor: Marjory Brooks/James Catalfamo Project: TMEM16f expression in platelets of normal and Scott affected dogs
Hannah Atkins Texas A&M Mentor: Colin Parrish Project: Development of a contraceptive vaccine based on canine parvovirus-like particles
Jessica Beck University of Georgia Mentor: Cynthia Leifer Project: Sortilin is critical for macrophage response to CpG DNA through Toll-like receptor 9
Shawna Buerkle University of Georgia Mentor: Theodore Clark Project: Developing vaccine candidates for "Ich" using the model organism Tetrahymena thermophila
Alyssa Chandler Cornell University Mentor: Nathan Sutter Project: Fine Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Body Size in the Horse
Timothy Chua University of Edinburgh Mentor: Natasza Kurpios Project: Left specific vasculogenesis in dorsal mesentery
Catherine Diggins Cornell University Mentor: Robert Weiss Project: Analysis of Apoptosis in HUS1 Conditional Knockouts
Scott Dudis Cornell University Mentor: John Parker Project: Correlations between infection with a canine homolog of hepatitis C virus and canine liver disease
Rachel Dutkosky University of Tennessee Mentor: Yrjö Gröhn Project: Modeling Biologic Variation: Stochastic Transmission Dynamics of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 Populations in a Heterogeneously Shedding Cattle Herd
Kristin Elfers TiHo Hannover Mentor: Gary Whittaker Project: Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus: Differences in the sequence of the Spike Protein in different Tissues
Carson Grant University of Calgary Mentor: Joel Baines Project: Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase Dynamics in Herpes Simplex Virus Infected Cells
Ellen Hart Texas A&M Mentor: Claudia Fischbach Project: Shades of Pink: Optimizing 3D in vitro models of bone cell cultures for the study of breast cancer metastasis
Linda Huang Virginia/Maryland CVM Mentor: Kenneth Simpson Project: The role of fucose metabolism in the invasion and persistence of Adherent Invasive E. coli
Per Karlsson Royal Veterinary College Mentor: Chris Schaffer Project: Quantification of amyloid-β in animal models of Alzheimer's disease
Marion Leiberich TiHo Hannover Mentor: David Russell Project: Macrophage migration and phagocytosis
Jessica Magenwirth Freie Universität Berlin Mentor: Richard Cerione/Marc Antonyak Project: Cellular Metabolism Triggers Microvesicle Generation in Cancer Cells
Céline Mortier University of Ghent Mentor: Craig Altier Project: PAMP Triggered Immunity against Salmonella in produce plants
Emily Moser Cornell University Mentor: David Lin Project: Human-Induced Fear Response in Mice
Maureen O'Brien Ohio State University Mentor: Tracy Stokol Project: Detection and Immunopurification of Equine Monocytes
Karina Radefeld Freie Universität Berlin Mentor: Maurine Linder Project: Palmitoylation of Gα13
Heather Rhoden Oklahoma State University Mentor: Julia Felippe Project: Characterization of IL-7 synthesis in CHO cells transfected with Equine IL-7 gene
Viktoria Rungelrath TiHo Hannover Mentor: Scott Coonrod Project: Effects of inhibitors on PADI2 expression in BT-474 and DCIS cancer cell lines and on IL-8 and COX-2 expression in the ductal carcinoma in situ Xenograft model
Enio Sanmarti Cornell University Mentor: Avery August Project: The role of CD8+ cells in hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a TH17 mediated disease
Lauren Smith Texas A&M Mentor: Bettina Wagner Project: The sweet cause of sweet itch: cloning & expression of allergenic salivary proteins of Culicoides sonorensis
Michelle White Cornell University Mentor: Gregory Acland/Anna Kukekova Project: Association of the HTR2C gene with selection for behavior in silver foxes
Sarah Wood Western College Mentor: Yrjö Gröhn Project: Mathematical modeling of ceftiofur resistance in commensal enteric E. coli
Erasmus zu Ermgassen Cambridge (Selwyn College) Mentor: Alexander Travis Project: How sperm form their tails - mapping protein expression in the elongating spermatid