2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Timothy Chua



I was born in Singapore, a small country in South East Asia, where I spent most part of my life. After having been educated in Singapore, I was later given the opportunity to study veterinary medicine in University of Edinburgh. Prior to enrolling in the course, I had some experience working in research labs doing attachments, working in the zoo, doing some clinical work and serving in Singapore military as part of National Service. With interest in pursuing a career in research, I was later granted the scholarship from Agency for Science, Technology and Research to enroll in the BVM&S course in University of Edinburgh


In my spare time, I enjoy doing endurance sports, such as long distance cycling, running, swimming and canoeing. I also enjoy reading, travelling and a general interest in science.

Career Goal:

After graduation, I would like to undertake a residency, with a particular interest in lab animal medicine. I hope to facilitate researchers by being a lab animal veterinarian and eventually to pursue my own research by taking on a PhD. I would love to do some conservation works when given the opportunity. Currently in school, I am open to trying various aspects within the veterinary field to broaden my exposure.