2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Helena Wittgenstein


I was born into a family with a very multicultural background including English, Italian, Portuguese and Maori ancestors. I grew up in Hamburg, Germany with my parents, an older sister and many animals at home. After graduating from high school in Hamburg in 2008, I took a gap year in order to gain practical experience and insight into the daily work of a veterinarian. Several internships led me to work in various countries and institutions, for example Hamburg Zoo, Oxford University and an animal shelter in Spain, while simultaneously helping me to improve my language skills. My longstanding passion for animals, natural sciences and research made me enroll in Veterinary Medicine at the Freie Universitaet Berlin in 2009. During my studies there, my keen interest in scientific research, especially neurobiology and behavior evolved, which I luckily will be working on as my research project this summer.



In my free time I enjoy performing in various athletic sports, especially tennis, soccer, badminton and basketball.  Furthermore spending time with family and friends is important to me and I like traveling abroad and studying foreign cultures and customs. I have developed a passion for the African continent and wildlife, which I have learned more about through several journeys over the past years and which also sparked my interest in photography, which I hope to pursue further soon.

Career Goal:

After completing my veterinary degree I am keen to immerse myself further in the field of neuroscience and behavioral research, hopefully gaining access to one of the top international veterinary universities for my postgraduate training. I would love to combine my fascination in natural sciences and fondness for behavioral research in my later profession. I aim to dedicate time in future to studies abroad, joining charitable projects or developing further into behavioral research.