Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

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Comparative Biomedical Sciences

The Field of Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBS) provides students with the opportunity to pursue research at the number one College of Veterinary Medicine in the country (US News and World Report). Students can choose from among nearly 100 faculty mentors.  Faculty interests include cancer biology, development, reproductive biology, neuroscience, aging, microbiology, immunology, stem cell biology, genomics, and epidemiology. Graduate students in CBS include PhD, DVMs seeking PhDs, and combined degree (DVM/PhD) students. Students can pursue fundamental questions in basic research, or take advantages of interactions between clinicians and basic scientists to incorporate translational perspectives in their work. As a member of the Biomedical and Biological Sciences program, CBS is part of a vibrant graduate community in the Veterinary College.

CBS is a part of the Biological & Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BBS); applicants should follow the BBS application guidelines.  (Please note: CBS requires that two (2) letters of recommendation are submitted for an applicant.)