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Discovery in scientific research ultimately informs the practice of medicine for all species. 

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Three puppies


Micro CT scan of the interior of two mating fruit-flies. The male is on the left; the female on the right.

Worms use immune system to extract food from cells





Research leads to first puppies born by in vitro fertilization





New Strategy IDs infertility-causing genes




3-D scans of mating fruit flies uncover female biology

Sperm swimming towards an egg Female reproductive tract assists swimming sperm
Caenorhabditis elegans, a nematode, is extensively used as a model organism for research. DNA 'spool' modification affects aging and longevity
Rhino Cornell-Smithsonian partnership aims to save wildlife
Avery August Dr. Avery August overcomes odds, receives E. E. Just Lecture Award
Cows Dr. Natasza Kurpios
Origins of left-sided gut artery, lymphatic system discovered
Cows Dr. Yrjo Grohn
Scientists get $1.6M to study infectious diseases


Dr. Holger Sondermann
Key to pathogenic slime uncovered

developing heart Dr. Michael Kotlikoff
Optogenetics shed light on cardiac, lung, immune disease
Lisa Fortier and Russ Warren Dr. Lisa Fortier
Animal joint surgeries may lead to human repairs
cell Dr. Ted Clark
First discovery of cells expelling mitochondria uncovers newfound survival tactic
receptor Dr. Margaret Bynoe
A receptor may hold key to multiple sclerosis treatment
cells Dr. Michael Kotlikoff
Stem cells create new heart cells in baby mice, but not in adults, study shows
tumors Dr. John Schimenti
Missing gene may drive more than a quarter of breast cancers


Dr. Paula Cohen
$10M grant establishes Center for Reproductive Genomics
Tumor cells Dr. Alex Nikitin
Gene family proven to suppress prostate cancer
listeria Dr. Martin Wiedmann
Five new Listeria species found; may improve tests
sperm Dr. Alex Travis
Sperm finding could improve fertility, contraceptives
eggs Dr. John Schimenti
Protein that culls damaged eggs identified, infertility reversed
kurpios story Dr. Natasza Kurpios
Learning how organs form explains fatal birth defects
cerione Dr. Richard Cerione
Promising target found for better brain cancer drugs

Dr. Margaret McEntee
Dr. Scott Coonrod
Dr. Richard Cerione
Dr. Robert Weiss
Veterinary faculty share work to conquer cancer

cheetham Dr. Jon Cheetham
Partnership homes in on regerative medicine
holgerstory Dr. Holger Sondermann
New tools inspire hope for understanding neurological disease

baines Dr. Joel Baines
Plugging up herpes could spawn needed drugs, study shows

Dr. Scott Coonrod
Expelled DNA that traps toxins may backfire in obese


Dr. Richard Cerione
Researchers Discover What Cancer Cells Need to Travel

Slide Show images

Dr. Adam Boyko
National Geographic - Dog DNA

researcher Ynte Schukken with dairy cows



Dr. Cynthia Leifer
Immune system checks and balances


Dr. Richard Cerione, Dr. Hening Lin, Dr. Robert Weiss
Researchers win $3 million NIH grant to fight cancer

Parasites that hijack host immune cells


Dr. Eric Denkers
Promiscuous parasites hijack host immune cells

Margaret Bynoe


Dr. Margaret Bynoe
Breaching the Blood-Brain Barrier



Dr. Joel Baines
Viral quality controls could trap herpes before it spreads

Russell Science


Dr. David Russell
Researcher honing in on life-giving drugs for those suffering from TB


Dr. Natasza Kurpious
Simple physics predicts how the gut forms and grows



Dr. Alexander Travis
Series explores how to cut poverty but preserve wildlife

cherry tomatoes


Dr. Craig Altier
Food safety team tackles Salmonella in tomatoes