Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

molecular imaging  

Pharmacology Faculty

Avery August
Avery August

Research interests: mechanisms of signal transduction by non-receptor tyrosine Kinases; mechanisms of calcium signaling; regulation of actin cytoskeleton dynamics

Dr. Barbara Baird
Barbara Baird

Research interests: structures and molecular mechanisms of cell surface immunoreceptors

Dr. Richard Cerione
Richard Cerione

Research interests: mechanisms of signal transduction by growth factors

Josh Chappie
Research Interests: Structural biology, biophysics, protein biochemistry, bacterial pathogenesis and defense systems, infection/agent, intracellular trafficking, nucleotide-driven molecular machines, molecular membrane remodeling, protein-nucleic acid interactions
Dr. Ruth Collins
Ruth Collins

Research interests: pharmacology; cancer cell biology; small GTPase regulation of intracellular traffic and cellular growth control

Scott Coonrod
Scott Coonrod

Research interests: reproductive physiology; molecular and cellular physiology; epigenetic reprogramming during the egg-to-embryo transition; mechanisms by which specific histone modifications are dynamically regulated during hormone-dependent gene transcription in breast cancer cells

Dr. Brian Crane
Brian Crane

Research interests: metalloenzym structure and catalysis; protein electron transfer; nitric oxide enzymology; bacterial chemotaxis; circadian clock photo sensors

Robin DandoRobin Dando

Research interests: behavioral physiology; molecular and cellular physiology; neural and sensory physiology; physiological genomics; neurotransmitter interactions and signaling events which occurring within the taste system; behavioral science; human sensory analysis
Dr. Robin Davisson
Robin Davisson

Research interests: use of physiological genomic research techniques to investigate molecular mechanisms of normal cardiovascular function and pathogenesis of certain cardiovascular diseases focusing on central neural control of blood pressure and autonomic function; molecular determinants of cardiac disease; molecular pathophysiology or preeclampsia

Dr. Joseph Fetcho
Joseph Fetcho

Research interests: motor control; regeneration; sleep

Maria Garcia-Garcia
Maria Garcia-Garcia


Research interests:developmental biology in mice and flies; genetics of developmental mechanisms that influence embryonic morphology

George Hess
 George Hess
Research interests: mechanisms of signal transduction by neurotransmitter receptors
Toshi Kawate
Toshi Kawate


Research interests:structures and mechanics of membrane proteins that regulate extracellular signaling

Dr. Michael Kotlikoff
Michael Kotlikoff

Research interests: calcium signaling; molecular and cellular biology; gene targeting

Dr. Natasza Kurpios
Natasza Kurpios

Research interests: signaling factors that shape gut morphology during development

Roy Levine
  Roy Levine
Research interests: cancer cell biology; lung development
Dr. David Lin
David Lin

Research interests: axon guidance and target selection during development of mouse olfactory systems using genetics in vitro and genomic approaches; developmental biology; olfaction; azon guidance

Hening Lin
Hening Lin

Research interests: protein post-translational modifications with a focus on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) dependent modifications and diphthamide

Dr. Manfred Lindau
Manfred Lindau

Research interests: biophysics

Dr. Maurine Linder
Maurine Linder

Research interests: regulation of cell signaling by protein lipidation. 

Jason Locasale
Research interests: Cancer metabolism; systems pharmacology; computational biology; metabolomics; cancer genomics
Dr. Linda Nowak
Linda Nowak

Research interests: neuropharmacology; biophysical and molecular analysis of glutamate receptor channels

Dr. Robert Oswald
Robert Oswald

Research interests: pharmacology and biophysics of neurotransmitter receptors; protein structure

Bendicht Pauli
Bendicht Pauli
Research interests: cancer cell biology; invasiveness and metastasis of malignant cells
Dr. Mark Roberson
Mark Roberson

Research interests: molecular endocrinology in reproductive tissues

Picture of Dr. Brian RuddBrian Rudd

Research interests: Developmental biology; mechanisms regulating the host response to infection
Wayne Schwark
Wayne Schwark
Research interests: clinical pharmacology
Carolyn Sevier
Carolyn Sevier

Research interests: signaling of cellular oxidative stress; molecular mechanisms used by cellular pathways that sense and signal redox imbalances within the cell

Geoffrey Sharp
Geoffrey Sharp
Research interests: signal transduction and insulin secretion
Dr. Holger Sondermann
Holger Sondermann

Research interests: structural biology; cell signaling; biochemistry; biophysics

Gregory Weiland
Gregory Weiland
Research interests: neuropharmacology; receptor mechanisms
Dr. Gary Whittaker
Gary Whittaker

Research interests: virology and cell biology