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Veterinarian Scientists

Graduate Training Program in Comparative Medicine for Veterinary Scientists

Program Description

The Graduate Training Program in Comparative Medicine for Veterinary Scientists can provide up to three years of funding to qualified veterinarians seeking PhD training in basic or translational science. The program is supported by an institutional NIH training grant (T32 OD 011000). Training is available in a broad range of scientific areas. The Veterinary Scientists Program is a structured program that aims to provide high quality research training with the goal of helping veterinarians enter research and discovery careers as independent veterinary scientists.

To be eligible for this NIH-supported program, applicants must

  • Be US citizens or permanent residents
  • Possess a recognized veterinary degree
  • Have been accepted into graduate school and have completed their three laboratory rotations. Applications will be received in the Spring semester with appointments starting towards the end of the Spring semester of the first year of graduate school
  • Be in good standing with the Graduate School at the time of Application.
  • Be nominated by an Approved Mentor/Trainer. A list of approved trainers can be found here. Normally, prospective applicants would rotate through one or more of the approved trainer’s laboratories.