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VIP Faculty Mentor Selection

Faculty mentors in the Veterinary Investigator Program represent a wide range of research areas and come from a number of departments within the College and the University.  As an intense summer research experience is the cornerstone of the VIP, it is important that prospective applicants give careful consideration to the faculty mentor with whom they wish to work.  Below is a list of all previous VIP mentors. 

  • Note that you are not limited to the list of mentors below, but can select any mentor at the College of Veterinary Medicine.  More information about our faculty and the research they conduct can be found at
  • When you submit your VIP application, you will need to identify three (3) prospective faculty mentors with whom you wish to work. This does not guarantee the student will be matched with a faculty member they choose.
  • If you have any specific questions, the Program Director, Dr. Bettina Wagner, can assist you in identifying faculty with interests compatible with yours.

Previous VIP Faculty Mentors:

Biochemistry & Cell Biology




James W. Casey James Casey  

Kristy Richards

  stokolTracy Stokol


Cardiovascular Biology

N. Sydney Moise
N. Sydney Moise




Genetics & Genomics



Infection & Immunity

hmHélène Marquis
Lorin Dean Warnick
Lorin Dean Warnick


Medical Biology

Lisa FortierLisa Fortier
Nerve Repair
Jon Cheetham
Jon Cheetham
Norm DucharmeNorm Ducharme
Norm DucharmeSharon Center


Ursula KrotscheckUrsula Krotscheck




Dave Lin
David Lin


Reproductive Biology



Zoology & Wildlife Conservation