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Canine parvovirus

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Animal health articles

The faculty of the Baker Institute have studied the diseases and disorders of animals since the Institute was founded in 1950. From parvovirus to mammary cancer, our scientists are working to find cures, diagnostics, and treatments that can help improve and extend the lives of animals and humans alike. As an introduction to our work at the Baker Institute, we're providing our website visitors with articles on the subjects we study. We'll be adding new subjects periodically, so check back often to find new information on the diseases and conditions that interest you.

If you find the information in the animal health articles helpful, you might consider giving back to the Institute with a donation to help support our work to improve the lives of animals and the humans who love them. Every donation helps to support our fight against the illnesses that take the lives of our beloved animals too soon. A gift to the Institute could represent a fitting way to give back if your life has been touched by one of the diseases or conditions we study.

Every article includes links to more information about the disorder. If you still have questions, you may find answers on our helpful links page.