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Biomedical Seicens
Dr. Ellis Loew
Program in Physiology

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Phone: 607 253 3840
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  1. Ecology and Evolution of Vision
  2. Predator/Prey Interactions in Planktivorous Fish
  3. Physical Optics of Natural Waters
  4. Biochemistry and Ecology of Visual Pigments
  5. Computer Modeling of Visual Processes Using Remote Sensing Techniques
  6. Electro-Optical Instrumentation
  7. Clinical Electroretinography


  1. Sillman, A.J., G.A. Letsinger, S. Patel, E.R. Loew and A.P. Klimley (1996). Visual pigments and photoreceptors in two species of shark, Triakis semifasciata and Mustelus henlei. Journal of Experimental Zoology 276:1-10
  2. Loew, E.R., F.A. McAlary and W.N. McFarland. Ultraviolet visual sensitivity in the larvae of two species of marine atherinid fishes. Marine Ecology (Accepted).
  3. Sillman, A.J., P. Govardovskii, P. R(hlich, J.A. Southard and E.R. Loew. The photoreceptors and visual pigments of the garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis: A microspectrophotometric, scanning electron microscopic and immunocytochemical study. (Submitted to The Journal of Comparative Physiology).
  4. Loew, E.R. and A.J. Sillman. An action spectrum for the light-dependant inhibition of swimming behavior in newly hatched white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus. (Submitted to The Journal of Experimental Biology).
  5. Fleishman, L.J., M. Bowman, D. Saunders, W.E. Miller and E.R. Loew. (1997). The visual ecology of Puerto Rican anoline lizards: habitat and spectral sensitivity. Journal of Comparative Physiology A. 181:446-460.

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