Department of Biomedical Sciences


Meeting Time:
3:00-4:00 PM
9th Floor Conference Room (T9-006C), VRT

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Lorraine M. Capogrossi
Executive Staff Assistant
Biomedical Sciences
T9-014B VRT
Phone: 607-253-3537

MIP Field Seminars Spring 2015

NOTE: Seminars will be held in the 9th Floor Conference Room (T9-006C), VRT

February 19
Adam Bisogni
(Lin Lab)
Single Cell Analysis of Olfactory Sensory Neurons Reveals Heterogenous Expression
of Axon Guidance Cues

February 26
Sha Li (Roberson Lab)
Investigating the Regulation of Human Placental Growth Factor by DLX3 and GCM1

March 5
Melissa Toledo
(Cohen Lab)
Investigating the Relationship Between CNTD1 and MLH3 During Prophase I
Mammalian Meiosis

March 19
Lan Tu
(Selvaraj Lab)
Dissecting a Complex Phenotype of TSPO Knockout Mice - An Insight into TSPO Function