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The following is a list of events being held at the College of Veterinary Medicine over the next 120 days.


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Wednesday, December 7, 2016
04:30PM - 05:45PM
College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University , Lecture Hall 3

Veterinary Senior Seminars Levi Pratt-Gordon - Ross - "Acute Respiratory Distress Following a Choking Incident in an English Bulldog" Leanna Shuttleworth - SGU - "Ulcerative Dermatitis in a Young Dog" Molly Robinson - Ross - "Steroid Responsive Meningitis Arteritis in a Great Dane" Isaac Jeon - Ross - "Pyothorax in a 2 year old male intact Beagle" Seminar
Friday, December 9, 2016
03:00PM - 04:00PM
Clinical Programs Center , C2-537

DCS Seminar Series "What I learned in Paris," presented by Dr. Jim Flanders, DVM, Associate Professor of Small Animal Surgery, Department of Clinical Sciences, Cornell University All Cornell faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be provided. Seminar
04:00PM - 05:00PM
College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University , VRT Lecture Hall 3

Combined Comparative Medicine Rounds in Human and Veterinary Medicine "A Case of Polycythemia Vera in a Mixed breed Dog," presented by Jake Wolf, 4th year Veterinary Student. "A Case of Ectopic Pregnancy," presented by Jacqueline Parker, Akhil Reddy, Qiaochu Bernice Qi, Weill Cornell Medical Students. Refreshments will be provided. All interested students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to attend. Seminar
Friday, January 27, 2017
02:00PM - 10:00PM
eHub, 409 College Ave., Collegetown

Animal Health Hackathon (January 27-29) Cornell University's Entrepreneurship office and College of Veterinary Medicine have partnered to host the first ever Animal Health Hackathon in the world! This epic event on January 27, 28 & 29, 2017, in Ithaca NY, starts with a conference on Friday – education and inspiration – followed by a weekend of creation. This interdisciplinary event brings together students from across degrees, majors, and schools at Cornell, as well as guests from other universities, forming diverse teams to create solutions to current needs in veterinary health care. A hackathon celebrates hacking in its most positive context - using minimal resources and maximum brain power to create outside-the-box solutions ("hacks") in a constrained time frame. Hack + Marathon = Hackathon. Teams comprised of veterinary students, business students, engineers, & designers come together to create holistic, viable solutions, & compete for accolades and awards. Mentors provide feedback and guidance to teams, culminating in a project showcase on Sunday and final demos to an audience of peers, industry reps, and participants. A panel of judges selects winners. Projects may be related to software, hardware, wearables, business models, medical innovations, animal welfare and husbandry solutions, or needs of not-for-profit organizations… the sky’s the limit. The hackathon is open to all students from Cornell and other selected schools by application. Conference/Workshop