Cancer Care at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals  

The Sprecher Institute for Comparative Cancer Research

Staff and Facility

Oncology Service 2000

Laura Barlow LVT Oncology Nurse
Jeanne Brohard LVT Oncology Nurse
Todd Deppe DVM Clinical/Educational Specialist
Susan Ettinger DVM Research/Educational Specialist
James Flanders DVM Assoc. Professor, Surgical Oncology
Jay Harvey DVM Assoc. Professor, Surgical Oncology
Amy Lanfair Administrative Assistant
Margaret McEntee DVM Assoc. Prof, Medical & Radiation Oncology
Rodney L. Page MS, DVM Professor & Director, Medical Oncology
Ken Rassnick DVM Assist. Professor, Medical Oncology
Deborah Watrous LVT Oncology Nurse
Marsha Zgola Research Specialist

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