Cornell Feline Health Center

Fostering Feline Health Awareness

Cats are now the most common pet in the United States, with over 85 million owned cats reported in a recent survey. Approximately one third of U.S. households now have at least one cat living in them, and more than fifty percent of these homes have more than one kitty. Interest in and concern for non-domestic cats has also flourished in the form of support for conservation efforts that span the globe. Clearly, we love cats, and we are concerned for their welfare and happiness.

Here at the Cornell Feline Health Center, we are dedicated to improving the welfare of all cats by supporting research into a variety of issues that affect feline health and well-being and to the dissemination of information to cat owners, breeders, veterinary professionals, conservationists, and cat lovers worldwide. Through the generous support of our donors, we continue our long-standing tradition of fostering feline well-being and supporting those who share our love of these unique and wonderful creatures.

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'Scientist CatIf your cat has been under the care of a veterinarian for a condition we're studying, providing a small clinical sample can help Cornell veterinarians and scientists study the very disease that struck your own cat. Even healthy cats can help our work, in some cases.

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