Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library


Where is the temporary library located?
It is located in the ground floor of Schurman Hall, where the cafeteria used to be located.

How long will the library be in this temporary location?
The construction is projected to be completed in June 2017.

The temporary space for the library is a lot smaller than the old location. What will be available?
Our high-use items, like laptops, the copier/scanner, and our core resources and journals will all be moved to the temporary location. We will also have some desktop computers and study spaces available in the temporary location.

I used to be able to find something in the stacks but now I can’t. Where did it go?
Many items were moved to the Library Annex to accommodate this move. You can always request items to be delivered within 24 hours from the annex to the vet college. Here’s how: https://annex.library.cornell.edu/content/annex-requests-information

Where can I study?
The former location of the veterinary library (2nd floor of the Vet Education Center) will be available as a quiet study space through December 2015.

I want to talk to a librarian. Where will the librarian offices be located?
The librarian offices will be located just across the hall from the temporary location. Come on by!

I have other questions. Who can I ask?
Of course! Call us (607-253-3510), or (607-253-3512) email us (vetref@cornell.edu), or just stop on by.