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Endangered Iberian Wolves added to College's DNA Bank

Pathology at Cornell

The pathology program at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is based on a distinguished heritage begun by Dr. Peter Olafson. Dr. Olafson enjoyed a long and distinguished career based on international reputation in research and diagnostic pathology. Today, the faculty, students, and residents at Cornell continue to build on the foundations set during the last 100 years. Situated in a world-class university, the pathology faculty are dedicated to providing high quality diagnostic, teaching and research services to colleagues within and beyond Cornell. Members of the Section collaborate with many colleagues from many disciplines in order to advance the study and diagnosis of animal diseases and biomedical research. Pathologists consult daily on treatment of cases presented to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals and with colleagues at the Animal Health Diagnostic Center to identify infectious and toxic agents in samples from around the United States. Additionally, faculty members actively participate in research of disease pathogenesis, gene function and genomics research, thus serving as a vital link between animal diagnostics and experimental biology.

Functionally, the department can be divided into four broad units (with some overlap):