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About the College


The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University holds a leadership position in academic veterinary medicine; our purpose is to advance veterinary medicine at the interface of discovery and application. Discoveries identified at the molecular, cellular, organismal, and population levels ultimately inform the practice of medicine. In parallel, the organization and conduct of medicine influence the type and behavior of research.


The College values scholarship across the full spectrum from molecule to medical application and demonstrates this commitment through research, educational programs and professional service.

We endorse the concept of One Health in advancing the understanding of both animal and human health, encourage and foster open collaboration across disciplines and institutional boundaries, and seek to integrate discovery and application in order to deliver the greatest possible benefits to society. 


The College will continue to excel in providing education and advanced training that prepare veterinarians and scientists to serve society in critical roles in clinical and diagnostic veterinary medicine, public health, scientific inquiry, and public policy. The College strives to advance animal health through discovery-based research, the delivery of excellent clinical care, and continued vigilance against the spread of disease.