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Foundations and Facelifts: Floor Plans

The capital project is currently in the Schematic Design Phase, during which time the architects and planning committee are considering system and program needs. To move to the next phase, Cornell's Board of Trustees will need to approve the designs.

First Floor

Up0n completion of the project, the College will have two additional, tiered lecture halls and two additional flat-floored classrooms.

Second Floor

The cafeteria will be centrally located, creating the College's metaphorical heart. Its location will serve visitors, faculty, staff, and students equally well.

Third floor

James Law Auditorium will be replaced with a three-floor structure. Shown here: the floor plan for the third floor, which will house administrative offices.


The library will be adjacent to the Muenscher Poisonous Plants Garden and will offer quiet, study space.

Library and MRC

The Modular Resource Center will be above the Flower Sprecher Veterinary Library and will be designed to serve future needs.


Once complete, a series of spaces will transform Cornell's ability to teach, research, and discover.