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Admissions Office

College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6401

phone: 607-253-3766
fax: 607-253-3709

The DVM Program

The academic program at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine provides a rich environment for learning, and provides students with the opportunity to learn in context. It fosters the development of critical thinking, communication and clinical reasoning skills to complement a comprehensive background in the biomedical and clinical disciplines that are the foundation of veterinary medicine.

Our innovative curriculum provides all students with a broad biomedical and clinical foundation in the comparative aspects of each discipline. Recognizing the diversity of backgrounds, skills, interests, and talents among our students, the veterinary curriculum is presented in a variety of formats that include small- and large-group exercises, lectures, laboratory exercises, and discussion. It allows students to develop clinical skills, and work with live animals beginning in the first week. And, it offers ample opportunities for students to pursue individual interests in depth, and to tailor their learning to meet specific needs.

Students are actively engaged in learning, working with faculty, peers, and independently. Cooperation is stressed over competition, and learning for understanding is emphasized over rote memorization. In this environment, students are viewed as future colleagues, and they are encouraged to consult often with faculty experts and to explore a range of educational resource materials that have been developed to support their learning.

Faculty members work together to offer the interdisciplinary Foundation courses that comprise the majority (70%) of the veterinary curriculum. Frequent interactions between faculty and students create a rich educational environment that is stimulating and intellectually vibrant.