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Salmon Award for Distinguished Alumni Service

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Established by the Alumni Association in 1986, the Daniel Elmer Salmon Award for Distinguished Alumni Service honors Cornell Veterinary College DVM graduates who have distinguished themselves in service to the profession, their communities or to the College.

The award is named in honor of Cornell's first DVM graduate, who is remembered for his pioneering work in controlling contagious animal diseases in the early 20th century. D.E. Salmon was one of Dr. James Law's first students when Cornell University opened its doors in 1868. He received the Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree in 1872 and entered practice in Newark, NJ. He continued his advanced research at Cornell and in 1876 he was awarded the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. This was the first DVM degree to be awarded in the United States of America.

Help us honor our graduates by nominating a Cornell graduate. Nominations are accepted throughout the year until May 1. Should a nominator wish to re-nominate an alumnus/a from the previous year, a revised nomination form must be completed for the candidate to be considered.  The recipient of the award is notified by September 1.

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Nomination should not exceed 1000 words in total.

Nomination form and supporting materials must be postmarked and received by May 1, 2015 to be considered for 2015.

Cornell Alumni Association Cup 2014 - Video Entry
The Cornell Univeristy College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Association Executive Board (AAEB) has been committed to excellence, promoting the interest of their alumni members.  Recently, the AAEB took on the challenge of revising the selection process for its most prestigious Daniel Elmer Salmon Award for Distinguished Alumni Service to preserve the award's quintessential professional reputation.  The success of revision is exemplified in the 2014 recipient,
Dr. Lila Miller '77, who faced racial-ethnic-gender and health adversity as one of the college's first African-American female graduates with asthma and yet emerged as an exemplar of excellence as a veterinary pioneer in the field of animal shelter medicine. The 2014 award has encouraged greater alumni involvement, increased the number/quality of nominees/attendees and demonstrated the evolution of our profession and the University.  The AAEB will continue to honor distinguished graduates in the future, substantiating how Cornell education makes astonishing veterinary accomplishments.

Previous Award Recipients

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Year Received Name
1986 Arthur Gordon Danks* '33, Ellis Pierson Leonard* '34, Frederick O. Wright* '41
1987 John D. Murray* '39
1989 Stephen J. Roberts* '38
1991 Robert E. Clark* '52
1994 Richard C. Grambow '57, Robert W. Kirk* '46, Richard A. Smith* '51
1996 Stanley M. Aldrich* '50, Louis C. Schimoler* '47
1997 John J. Brennan '52
1998 Francis H. Fox '45
1999 Robert V. Manning* '55
2000 Robert E. Lynk '61, Harold W. Zweighaft* '56
2001 Robert B. Hillman '55
2002 John D. Shumway '56
2003 George W. Abbott* '45
2004 Robert F. Kahrs '54
2008 Alexander de Lahunta '58
2009 Fredric W. Scott '62
2010 Stephen J. Ettinger '64
2011 N. Joel Edwards '64
2012 Jeanne A. Barsanti '74
2013 James F. Peddie '65
2014 Lila T. Miller '77 (CALS '74)
* - deceased