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DVM Admissions
College of Veterinary Medicine
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PhD Admissions
Biological and Biomedical Sciences
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Become a Cornellian

Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, consistently ranked among the academic leaders, is a global leader in veterinary medical education, animal medicine, biomedical research and public health. Our students come from cross the country, around the world, and are enrolled in either the doctor of veterinary medicine program or a PhD program.

Veterinarians work at the intersection of animal and human health. They are the first line of defense in identifying and responding to infectious diseases. They advocate for effective public health policies and research diseases and conditions that reduce the quality of our and our animals' lives. Trained veterinarians are leaders in the classroom, preparing the next generation of veterinarians. And, of course, veterinarians care for our pets and the animals that share our planet.

At Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, our researchers and graduate students conduct basic scientific research that meets the clinical and research demands of human and animal health. The intricate connections between people, animals, and our environment creates new challenges, linking the health and well-being of each group to the other. The challenges associated with this dynamic inspire opportunities, many of which are already being pursued by graduate students at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine. The challenges facing society are many, a phenomenon that creates limitless opportunities for graduate students who want to make a difference.

The College's strength is in the aggregate ... in the combination and synergy that results from the intense collaboration among the College's faculty and students who represent a wide array of departments, programs, ideas, and interests. We are also recognized among leaders because of the tremendous achievements of our alumni. Cornellians make an impact in the profession and their communities and have a long list of accomplishments to their credit, including the discovery of the Salmonella organisms, vaccines that render viruses ineffective, and tools and techniques for solving some of society's most perplexing issues.

We hope you will consider becoming a Cornellian. Your first step is to apply!