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Baker Institute News Item Pet Nutrition - Baker Pet Talks: Tips from Cornell Experts
November 14, 2017

Struggling to keep your pet at a healthy weight? Join us on December 6th to learn the tricks of the trade in combating pet obesity.

Baker Institute News Item Canine Influenza Found in Florida
June 05, 2017

The H3N2 canine influenza virus that caused an outbreak in the Midwest in 2015 affecting thousands of dogs was recently found in Florida for the first time last week.

Baker Institute News Item Van de Walle Named Harry M. Zweig Assistant Professor in Equine Health
July 10, 2017

In recognition of her success in research related to the health of horses, Dr. Gerlinde Van de Walle has been named the Harry M. Zweig Assistant Professor in Equine Health.

Baker Institute News Item Pet CPR - Baker Pet Talks: Tips from Cornell Experts
June 05, 2017

Do you know what to do if your pet suddenly collapses? Learn the basics of CPR so you can help your dog or cat until they can get to a vet.

Baker Institute News Item Allergies in Pets Infographic - Just Released
April 21, 2017

Allergies can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life of our pets. Our infographic includes information on the types of allergic disease pets typically suffer from, common signs, and information about diagnosing, testing, and treatment options.

Baker Institute News Item New interactive, online annual reports available now!
February 17, 2017

Our new, online report includes interviews with our researchers, an additional profile of Heather Callaway, one of our most promising graduate students, and a special section highlighting some new collaborative projects.

Baker Institute News Item Baker Pet Talks: Tips from Cornell Experts
February 15, 2017

Animal behavior specialists will be on hand to talk about some of the behavior problems you may be struggling with in your dogs or cats.

Baker Institute News Item Baker Institute welcomes new director
December 21, 2016

Dr. Luis Schang becomes Director of the Baker Institute for Animal Health and the Cornell Feline Health Center on September 1, 2016.

Baker Institute News Item New foals at the Institute
October 13, 2016

Every spring and summer, Dr. Doug Antczak and his lab welcome several new study participants: foals like Rhaegar (left), who are specially bred to study how the immune system works during pregnancy.

Baker Institute News Item Model helps identify drugs to treat eye infections in cats
December 19, 2016

A study by Gerlinde Van de Walle, DVM, Ph.D. and her colleagues describes a model that can be used to discover new drugs for treating eye infections in cats.

Baker Institute News Item Cancer-causing virus strikes genetically vulnerable horses
August 23, 2016

A new study led by scientists at the Baker Institute shows genetic differences in immune function between horses partly accounts for why the papillomavirus behind sarcoid skin tumors strikes some horses and not others.

Baker Institute News Item Fulbright Award for Colin Parrish
July 29, 2016

Dr. Colin Parrish has been selected for an award from the Fulbright Scholar Program, giving him the opportunity to share his expertise abroad as a Visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow.

Baker Institute News Item Surface mutation lets canine parvovirus jump to other species
July 19, 2016


The transfer of canine parvovirus from domesticated carnivores to forest-dwelling animals has been something of a mystery until now. A multidisciplinary team of researchers has identified a mutation in CPV that can profoundly alter transferrin receptor binding and infectivity of the virus.

Baker Institute News Item Worms use immune system to extract food from cells
June 10, 2016

White blood cells are usually our allies in fighting infections, but new research shows that whenTrichinella worms first invade muscle cells, one particular type of white blood cell doesn’t attack – rather it helps the worms extract nutrients from the body, making the worms stronger and more successful.

Baker Institute News Item Joining Forces Against Mammary Cancer
June 02, 2016

Two faculty members at the Baker Institute have joined forces to test a new therapy for treating mammary cancer in pets and humans alike. The early results are promising and the drug may be headed to clinical trials in animals soon.

Baker Institute News Item Baker Pet Talks: Pet Health Tips from Cornell Experts
April 15, 2016

We are excited to invite you to Baker Pet Talks: Pet Health Tips from Cornell Experts, a free public seminar to be held at the Baker Institute for Animal Health, Thursday, January 28, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Baker Institute News Item First Puppies Born by In Vitro Fertilization
April 15, 2016

The first puppies born by in vitro fertilization (IVF) were delivered on July 10, 2015 at the Baker Institute for Animal Health.

Baker Institute News Item Hot Off the Press - Check Out Our 2015 Annual Report
February 02, 2016

Read all about it! We're pleased to present our 2015 Annual Report, which is now available online.

Baker Institute News Item New tech promises fast, accurate stroke diagnosis
January 06, 2016

Baker scientists have developed a device that helps diagnose stroke in less than 10 minutes using a drop of blood barely big enough to moisten your fingertip.

Baker Institute News Item Clinic Memorial Program helps vets and their clients
February 22, 2016

The Baker Institute for Animal Health is helping our partner clinics provide accurate, up-to-date information their clients need with a new series of infographics and fact sheets for clinics participating in our Clinic Memorial Giving Program.

Baker Institute News Item Partnering against allergies
December 08, 2015

Drs. Elia Tait Wojno and Charles Danko are bringing their different areas of expertise to bear on a common problem in dogs: allergies.

Baker Institute News Item Colin Parrish organizes workshop on epidemic viruses
February 22, 2016

Dr. Colin Parrish has helped organize a workshop on emerging epidemic viruses.

Baker Institute News Item Canine Influenza Continues to Spread
November 30, 2015

H3N2 canine influenza continues to spread in the United States. Cornell's Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC) and others have published an updated map of the locations where dogs have tested positive for the infection.

Baker Institute News Item Baker and AHDC develop canine influenza infographic
November 30, 2015

As more cases of canine influenza continue to surface, the Baker Institute and the Animal Health Diagnostic Center have developed an infographic to help dog owners understand the outbreak and learn how to protect their dogs.

Baker Institute News Item Cornell's Animal Health Diagnostic Center publishes H3N2 map
August 03, 2015

Cornell's Animal Health Diagnostic Center has compiled H3N2 canine influenza test results from around the country. The outbreak currently appears to be confined to the Chicago, Illinois area, but cases have been seen as far away as California and Massachusetts.

Baker Institute News Item H3N2 Canine Influenza: Study Updates
July 21, 2015

As the outbreak of canine influenza continues in the Midwest, Baker Institute scientists are studying the virus responsible to help find ways of preventing infection or transmission of the disease.

Baker Institute News Item H3N2 influenza: how to protect your dog
June 23, 2015

Dr. Colin Parrish, professor of virology and Director of the Baker Institute, gives some background on what H3N2 is, how it came to the U.S., and how to protect your dog.

Baker Institute News Item Stem cells delivered in microcapsules speed wound healing
May 11, 2015

A new study shows stem cells confined inside tiny capsules secrete substances that help heal simulated wounds in cell cultures.

Baker Institute News Item On National Puppy Day, how Baker Institute scientists are helping dogs
May 06, 2015

How Baker Institute scientists work every day to give back to the dogs and puppies that enrich our lives with friendship and affection.

Baker Institute News Item Group urges action to protect endangered carnivores from distemper
April 20, 2015

Director Colin Parrish and postdoctoral fellow Andrew Allison are part of a group that is urging swift action to save endangered Amur tigers, lions, and other rare carnivores from canine distemper virus.

Baker Institute News Item Virus causing mass Cape Cod duck die-offs identified
April 14, 2015

Since 1998, masses of dead eider ducks have been washing up on Cape Cod. Now Baker postdoctoral fellow Andrew Allison and others have found the virus responsible: Wellfleet Bay virus.

Baker Institute News Item Study: wild carnivores carry canine parvovirus
March 18, 2015

A new study by Andrew Allison and Colin Parrish shows that many wild carnivores carry canine parvovirus, and that it is relatively easy for a parvovirus from a wild animal to adapt to life in a dog and vice versa.

Baker Institute News Item Doug Antczak to speak on Arabian horse genome project in Qatar
February 18, 2015

Dr. Doug Antczak will deliver a lecture about his work on the genome of the Arabian horse at the 2014 World Arabian Horse Organisation (WAHO) in Doha, Qatar in November. An article from Horsetalk.

Baker Institute News Item Study reveals how parasitic worm shuts down body defenses
December 18, 2014

Judy Appleton’s lab found that white blood cells called eosinophils start a chain reaction that stops the body from attacking invading Trichinella worms, enabling the parasite to make a home within the muscle.

Baker Institute News Item In wake of outbreaks, Parrish offers tips on parvovirus
November 13, 2014

In the wake of recent outbreaks of canine parvovirus, Cornell University's Media Relations Office worked with Dr. Colin Parrish to compile a list of tips for dog owners.

Baker Institute News Item Coonrod study links gene to skin cancer
October 31, 2014

A study by Scott Coonrod and colleagues shows a connection between enzyme PAD2 and cancer

Baker Institute News Item Alex Travis delivers talk, publishes blog post on "One Health"
October 21, 2014

Dr. Alex Travis, VMD, Ph.D. has been talking about "One Health" principles this month in a lecture at a veterinary symposium and in a blog post at a popular public policy-oriented website. 

Baker Institute News Item Former Baker student wins CDC award
October 14, 2014

Once a student in Alex Travis's lab, Lt. Cmdr. Danielle Buttke DVM ’09/PhD ’10 is this year's recipient of the James H. Steele Veterinary Public Health Award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Baker Institute News Item Douglas Antczak Honored by SUNY
July 17, 2014

Dr. Douglas Antczak has been awarded with a SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities.

Baker Institute News Item Baker Welcomes Summer Students
July 17, 2014

Students from as far away as Peru and Australia have come to the Baker Institute to gain valuable research experience this summer.

Baker Institute News Item Douglas Antczak Travels to Qatar
August 13, 2014

Dr. Douglas Antczak has returned from a recent trip to Qatar, where he gathered samples for his genomics research on the Arabian horse, dromedary camel, and Arabian oryx.

Baker Institute News Item Heather Callaway Awarded NSF Fellowship
September 23, 2014

First year Baker Institute student Heather Callaway has been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship to continue her Ph.D. research on parvovirus in Dr. Colin Parrish’s lab.

Baker Institute News Item Travis and Van de Walle Awarded SUNY Grant
August 28, 2014

Alex Travis (PI) and Gerlinde Van de Walle are among the first recipients of State University of New York (SUNY) funding for a multi-campus research project involving colleagues here at Cornell, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, and Upstate Medical University.