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Baker Institute News Item Peptides From Horse Stem Cells Kill Common Wound Bacteria
July 10, 2017

A new study from Dr. Gerlinde Van de Walle, the Harry M. Zweig Assistant Professor in Equine Health and Research Support Specialist, Rebecca Harman, shows that equine stem cells secrete peptides that kill bacteria often found in equine wound infections.

Baker Institute News Item Advisory Council member gives back to veterinary science
June 05, 2017

"Through my connection to Baker, I'm supporting basic science," and sustaining the curiosity-driven discovery that has made veterinary medicine successful, Richter says.

Baker Institute News Item Grad student working with partners on two continents to help save kids, wildlife
October 14, 2015

Sarah Dumas, DVM, is helping communities in rural Zambia develop egg-laying facilities to improve access to animal-based food and (hopefully) decrease reliance on poaching.

Baker Institute News Item Spotlight: Faculty member John S.L. Parker works to understand a common feline virus
January 12, 2015

Dr. John Parker, BVMS, Ph.D. is studying why a common feline virus causes mild flu-like symptoms in some cats but gruesome, life-threatening , symptoms in others.

Baker Institute News Item Ph.D. student helping to improve the odds for endangered animals
December 03, 2014

Jennifer Nagashima is improving assisted reproduction techniques that can help endangered canids like wolves and wild dogs reproduce in captivity.

Baker Institute News Item Q & A with Charles Danko
January 12, 2015

A Q & A interview with our newest faculty member, Charles Danko.