Biomedical Sciences

Anatomic Pathology

The Department of Biomedical Sciences is home to the Section of Anatomic Pathology in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The clinical unit serves both the Cornell University Hospital for Animals and the NY State Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC).  The presence of this clinical diagnostic service and associated discovery-based research group (Drs. Kelly, Miller, Duhamel and McDonough) within Biomedical Sciences provides the opportunity for board-certified anatomic pathologists to collaborate in the analyses of phenotypic analysis of genetically modified animal models. Sean McDonough has a longstanding interest in the pathology of liver disease and collaborates closely with clinicians in Internal Medicine within the veterinary hospital.  Gerald Duhamel investigates the impact and mechanisms associated with bacterial infections within the GI tract and how these may alter risk for cancer.  The lab of Andrew Miller lab examines the pathophysiology of canine brain tumors, and plays an integral part of a National Cancer Institute-funded Comparative Neuropathology Group.  The Katie Kelly lab focuses on pathology of the cardiovascular system, examining the effects of viral infection and chemokines on cardiomyopathies.  Teresa Southard, Jeanine Peters-Kennedy and Elizabeth Buckles all contribute collaboratively to phenotypic characterization of a number of animal model systems.