Biomedical Sciences

Stem Cell Biology

The Cornell Stem Cell Program was founded on the unique strengths of the Cornell research community with its unparalleled cross-disciplinary collaborations and strong basic and comparative biomedical science programs. The CSCP incorporates over 50 laboratories across Cornell University Ithaca campus, closely interacts with the Center for Vertebrate Genomics, and is supported, in part, by the NYSTEM program of the New York State Department of Health.  Within Biomedical Sciences, the Nikitin, Weiss, White and Yen labs examine the properties of cancer propagating stem cells and how these unique niches contribute to progression of cancer.  The Schimenti and Cohen labs take advantage of the stem cells that contribute to gamete formation in the ovary and testis highlighting the importance of these cell lineages in maintenance of fertility in both males and females. The Sethupathy lab focuses on the organization of stem cell niches in both the gastrointestinal tract and within the liver.