Department of Biomedical Sciences

Online Scheduling for room C1020

Scheduling for room C1020 is done with a Cornell-sponsored, online system called Oracle Calendar. This will allow you to check the 'agenda' of each system and make your own appointments using the web. You will receive login information when you are trained.

Make an appointment or view the calendar

After logging in:

  • Open the Agenda for the Resource : Click on the View Agendas icon. Select "Resources" in the drop down box in the Search function. Enter the Resource name. Click Find. Then click View. This will open the agenda for the room.
  • Viewing: Click on arrows in the middle of the screen below the icon bar to change weeks. You can also view by day or month. See icons.
  • To Schedule an Appointment: Click on the little (+) sign at the time you want to come in. Title should be your name and either an email or phone number. Set duration. Date and start time (am or pm) should be correct. Hit Create at upper right.
  • To Edit or Cancel an Appointment: Click on the title in your appointment block time. Either change entry and hit update or hit delete (at upper right).

For questions about scheduling: Contact Dr. Robert Weiss