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Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Peter W. Nathanielsz
Program in Physiology

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It is now clear that the signal to the onset of birth is derived in a major part from the fetus. Maturation of the fetal brain appears to coordinate the development of several key fetal organs, such as the adrenal and lung, so that these will be adequately prepared for extra-uterine life. In the Laboratory for Pregnancy and Newborn Research, we are conducting studies in pregnant animals to determine the nature of these vital signals at the molecular, neuroendocrine, and myometrial levels. We are studying the development of the genetic regulation of fetal hypothalamic transmitters and their influence on the fetal pituitary and adrenal. We are investigating the interactions between mother and fetus in the various circadian rhythms that occur during pregnancy. Our major methodologies are neurosurgical, molecular biology, radioimmunoassay, immunocytochemistry and whole animal studies utilizing computer based data acquisition of myometrial contractility patterns. We are also studying the development of fetal behavioral and sleep states by recording fetal electrocorticogram, fetal eye movements, and fetal skeletal muscle activity.


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